GHK-CU Nasal Spray


GHK-CU Nasal Spray

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Copper peptide now has a nasal spray and you no longer have to take an injection of GHK-CU

The nasal spray provides the same benefits as the injection only that there is no pricking.

GHK-CU South Korea  is a copper compound that is generated naturally in the human body. The copper compound also known as glycl-l-histidyl-l-lysine peptide contains three amino acids found in saliva, urine, and blood plasma.

The copper compound plays a number of vital roles in the human body. However, as the person ages, the copper compound decreases in production.

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GHK-CU 10ML Peptide Nasal Spray South Korea

Medical Overview

A medical study of copper peptide began in the late 1970s. The medical examiners have continuously made progressive discoveries concerning its benefits in the human body. The medical team now knows that copper peptide is almost similar to copper (II). It has the ability to mix with copper (II) ions. This rare combination of the two coppers makes copper GHK-CU control human DNA.


Benefits of Copper Peptide Nasal Spray South Korea

1. Helps in Healing Wounds
GHK-CU nasal spray can be used on patients who are from major or minor surgeries. The copper peptide has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect that helps to facilitate the healing process of all kinds of wounds. The copper complex also helps in the reduction of scars. Since a human body produces copper peptide naturally, the compound is released in the body when you experience a physical injury. That is why wounds heal faster.

2. Promotes Hair Re-Growth
GHK-CU nasal spray helps to facilitate hair growth and re-growth by enlarging the hair cell follicles. The copper complex also has the ability to decrease the dead hair cell follicles and at the same time, increasing the hair cell follicles. By continuous use of GHK-CU nasal spray, your hair will re-grow once more in a short period of time.

3. Enables skin restoration
Are you looking for a cosmetic product to reduce face wrinkles? Or perhaps you want to tone your face? Well, look no further as GHK-CU nasal spray helps to improve skin appearance. It has a vital ingredient that reduces spots and lesion on the skin. It also gets rid of wrinkles as well as fine lines on your face. The continuous use of the copper compound facilitates toning of your face by tightening the loose skin around your face. In addition, it helps by reversing the thinning of skin face and thus, prevents aging of the face.

4. Helps in Reduction of Pain, Anxiety, and Aggression

The use of GHK-CU nasal spray has anti-pain, anti-aggression as well as anti-anxiety effect. The copper peptide possesses a physical structure that is similar to cimetidine, a drug used for pain reduction. The use of GHK-CU nasal spray takes a few minutes for the pain to reduce or for a person to experience anxiety.

5. Alter Cancer Gene
GHK-CU helps in the regeneration of new cells as well as the remodelling of body tissues. A person suffering from cancer can use GHK-CU nasal spray to help in the regeneration of new cells and body tissues.

It is apparent that GHK-CU South Korea has numerous health benefits to a human body. With continuous discoveries of its positive effects, we stand a high chance of staying healthy for a long time

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3 reviews for GHK-CU Nasal Spray

  1. Frankie

    I extremely LOVE this product. My cousin asked me if I’ve been receiving botox LOL! My skin looks great! Highly recommend

  2. SarahGQ

    It has been four weeks, and I’ve witness eyelash growth, at least ¾ of an inch increased. I was truly blessed with this.

  3. john.P

    I love this item. I’ve been utilizing it for at least two months each morning combined up in my I’ve observed my skin got tighter.

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