GHRP-6 10mg Pre Mixed Pen


GHRP-6 10mg Pre Mixed Pen


GHRP-6 is a peptide called into life to encourage the effects of the body’s growth hormone. The mechanic of action of this peptide is comparable to growth hormone releasing peptide-2.



GHRP-6 10mg Pre Mixed Peptide Pen South Korea

GHRP-6 is a peptide called into life to encourage the effects of the body’s growth hormone. The mechanic of action of this peptide is comparable to growth hormone releasing peptide-2.

The only disparity between preparations only lies in the reality that the GHRP-2 is powerful approximately 30 percent, though it boosts the concentration of cortisol and prolactin in lesser amount.

Another vital difference which makes the growth hormone releasing peptide-6 set apart from the rest is the emergence of a powerful feeling of hunger. GHRP-6 works like ghrelin hormone. This peptide can b utilized as one; the effect acquired is greater compared to the number of effects of GHRP-2.  Prolactin is a peptide hormone which encourages the growth of mammary glands.

Cortisol, on the other hand, is the primary hormone that disrupts proteins stimulates the accumulation of body fat as well as the boost in blood sugar levels. Ghrelin is considered the hunger hormone, which stands for the feeling of hunger.

It has been found that when growth hormone releasing peptide-6 as well as insulin is given simultaneously. Growth response to GHRP-6 is boosted. On the other hand, the taking of carbohydrates or dietary fats, in the administration window of growth hormone secretagogues considerably blunts the release of GH.

Current research in normal rat revealed considerable disparities in the composition of the body, sugar metabolism, muscle growth, cardiac and memory function in the rat being given with GHRP-6. Still, there are lots of queries about this relatively new and latest compound.

The Benefits of GHRP-6

As stated above, the effect of this peptide is comparable to the GHRP-2, the working of which is attributed significantly to the increased production of growth hormone, which provides:

  • Improved power performance
  • Improved muscle growth
  • Improved appetite
  • Fat burning
  • Enhanced muscle relief
  • Make your immune system stronger
  • Rejuvenating effect
  • Make your bones stronger
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Liver protection

How To Use – Peptide Pen South Korea :

How Long Will The Pen Last with One Cartridge? – 16 days

When To Inject? – Three times a day

Where On The Pen Dial Should I Turn To Per Injection? – 5

How Long To Take The Peptide For? – 6 – 8 weeks

(You will need to buy 3 – 4 Cartridges to complete a 6 – 8-week course)

What the pen pack contains

1 x Peptide pen
1 x cartridge ( The cartridge is premixed with the vial of your choice and Bac water. )
5 x Pen Tips ( needles for injection )
1 x Pen Carry Case

Cartridges on their own –

The cartridges are for people who already have a pen and would like to order a cartridge/s on their own. You are still receiving one peptide vial per cartridge.

Each cartridge comes with 16 pen tips.

Please note –

  • Pens come in different colours.
  • One cartridge contains one peptide vial and the correct about off water. This may not fill the cartridge, but we do not overfill with water which dilutes the peptide too much. If you receive a “half full” cartridge, you’re still getting one vial and the correct mixture of water.

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